As part of Piano City Milano 2017, BASE Milano hosted a two-day long musical programme dedicated to the soundtracks of movies and tv shows. Among these, Sky spotlighted David Lynch's cult tv show of the 1990s: Twin Peaks, whose track has been played by the pianist Nina Esiava within the program of Piano City Milano.

During the night of Saturday May 20th, a movie marathon showed the entire first season took place in BASE Milano, while the Twin Peaks atmosphere was again brought to life by the The Twin Peaks Experience: an immersive, multi-sensory experience set up inside casaBase on the first floor. Visitors were taken through a thrilling path leading to the “Black Lodge" - which has been faithfully recreated - and entertained by a pianist playing the well known track.

The Experience was also open to the public on Sunday May 21st.

Creative direction by M&C Saatchi

h+ was responsible for:
Executive production of the marathon and the Experience - Event cooordination - Set up