SIGNS Contemporary Italian Graphic Design

h+ in collaboration with BASE Milano developed and produced SIGNS Contemporary Italian Graphic Design (9th of November - 20th December 2016). Hosted inside the recently refurbished spaces of the former Ansaldo industrial complex, now a multifaceted cultural hub dedicated to cultural production, experimentation and community building, SIGNS main objective was to give a snapshot of the current state of Italian graphic design.

SIGNS launches an exhibition project centred on graphic design, in its broadest sense, and aims to showcasing the results and developments of contemporary Italian graphic design through the works of 24 among 
the country’s most interesting designers - both established and upcoming - each accompanied by his or her unique story, culture, education, age and style of expression.

In this exhibit, emerging talents and renowned figures stand side by side: the public will be able to admire projects fostered by Alizarina, Stefano Asili, Mauro Bubbico, Ginette Caron, Cristina Chiappini, Gianluigi Colin, Pietro Corraini, Artemio Croatto/Designwork, Studio FM, Michele Galluzzo, Italo Lupi, Gianni Latino, Leftloft, Giuseppe Mastromatteo, Armando Milani, Maurizio Milani, Òbelo, Origoni Steiner, Federico Pepe, Mario Piazza, Massimo Pitis, Luca Pitoni, Guido Scarabottolo, Leonardo Sonnoli.

SIGNS aims at being the first of a long series of exhibitons dedicated to graphic design in order to spark a debate around the subject not just for the designers but especially for the broader public. During the 36 opening days SIGNS managed to host more than 30 guided tours for young students, 5 workshops, 4 talks and 4 special events  with open access. 

h+ was responsible for:
Concept development - Project management - Exhibition production - Relations with Institutions - Organizational secretary - Concept and production of the special events 

ph credit Filippo Castellano