The exhibition realized thanks to UBS at GAM Milano,
curated by Luca Massimo Barbero

Arthur Duff, Adaptation 2016. Ph. Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti

Rear Window. Glimpses of private collections
presents a selection of works from two prestigious Italian collections, Collezione Panza di Biumo and Collezione Berlingieri, which engage in a dialogue with masterpieces from the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Milan.
The idea of private collecting is at the center of the exhibition, but there is also an emphasis on the heritage of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna, which in fact holds numerous generous donations from private collections. The works from the permanent collection are explicitly involved in the exhibition with the objective of creating a strong tie between the temporary and the permanent exhibits.
The exhibition is organized over the three floors of the museum and evokes the famous Alfred Hitchcock film of 1954, from which the show’s title comes. The exhibit proceeds frame-by-frame, piecing together apparently fragmented episodes into one big story, defined and selected by the curator. This also defines the range of vision of the visitor, just like the window in the film defined the range of vision of the protagonist. The visitor is invited to re-create his own personal interpretation just like Jeff, the protagonist of the Rear Window, who observed the neighbors’ houses and thus wove his own personal story. Thus the word “glimpse” in the exhibition’s subtitle means a frame, in which, along with the works coming from private collections, emerge works from the Galleria d’Arte Moderna. The visitor can re-discover these works thanks to a different, almost cinematographic, point of view.
The visitor can observe unusual correspondences between contemporary artists and artists from the XIX century such as: Christo, Dan Flavin, Joseph Kosuth, Richard Long, Giulio Paolini, Richard Serra, Rudolf Stingel, Giovanni Fattori, Francesco Hayez, Edouard Manet and Giorgio Morandi.
UBS & h+
Since 2013 h+ has worked with UBS on the project UBS Art, a rich program of cultural initiatives for the city of Milan.  At the heart of the program stands the multi-year partnership with the Modern Art Gallery of Milan that includes restoration and valorisation of the museum’s permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, and a calendar of events open to the public. As part of the partnership, in 2014 the exhibition YEAR AFTER YEAR. Works on paper from the UBS Art Collection was realized; while in 2015 Francesco Bonami curated an exhibition dedicated to contemporary paintings: Don’t Shoot the Painter. Paintings from UBS Art Collection. In 2016 with the exhibition Rear Window. Glimpses of private collections UBS with the curator Luca Massimo Barbero wanted to deepen the theme of private collecting.
h+ was responsible for:
Concept development – Content Elaboration - Relations with Institutions - Planning, organization and management of the project – Exhibitions production - Management of relationship with the curator - Department coordination - Organizational secretary - Inaugural event concept and production – Set-up coordination - Corporate image

Ph. Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti