Piano City Milano 2016

Piano City Milano 2016 opened with an exceptional piano solo, with Villa Reale as background, with the famous English pianist and composer Michael Nyman, one of the most important musicians of the contemporary scene and an uncontested master of minimal music. Nyman proposed also some of the tracks which brought him to his worldwide success like the soundtracks of The Piano, The claim, Gattaca, Wonderland, Prospero’s Books. The wonderful musics were associated with the projection of some videos taken from the Cine Opera collection, a series of films directed during his various journeys alla over the world in the last twenty years.

In five years Piano City Milano changed and shaped to give voice to the music and to the most surprising urban sites.
The 2016 edition wanted to narrate about those five years of changes throughout Milan, from itse centre to the suburbs. A two-day&night journey on the notes of our pianos spread in the special places, unveiling the story of the city, from historical locations to new areas.

The big opening of Friday night has introduced 50 uninterrupted hours of music, from the sunset to the dawn and from the sunrise to the sunset, in a continous love declaration for the piano, its music and the city of Milan.
The “glue” were two night marathons, Pianonight on Friday and Pianorave on Saturday, which were ended by two evocative concerts, the fist one with the view of Milan directly from the roof of Highline Galleria and the second one in front of Palazzina Liberty, in the suggestive Vittorio Formentano park.

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