Piano City Milano 2015

To us, culture is a tool for observing our surroundings, a glimpse of an eye seizing storylines, new voices overlapping, sounds, smells, and even conflicts. This is the concept that animated the fourth edition of Piano City Milano. Never imposed from above but rather lived as a common good, it emphasized the permeability of borders, contiguity, and physical proximity that allowed everyone to be actors and directors of the performance they were attending.

Once again, Piano City Milano was inaugurated with an original composition dedicated to the city in the heart of Parco Sempione: a musical journey inspired by the Universal Exhibition of 1906 which took place in Milan. This is where idea for the German pianist Hauschka’s composition emerged from, entitled "Music for Seven Key Instruments and Percussions".

Headquarters of the event, the Piano Center was set at the GAM/PAC museum pole. The park, open exceptionally for the event and thanks to the two pianos placed in its green ambience, became Piano City Milano’s listening room, hosting 40 concerts in two days. In addition to performances by pianists, the villa hosted AIARP workshops and meetings organized in collaboration with the most prestigious pianos manufacturers.

Over the years, Piano City Milano continued to tell the story of a new Milan, from the Caserma Mascheroni prelude to a city that reinvents itself, opening its doors to the world in the year of Expo 2015.

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h+ was responsible for:
Concept development - Institutional relations - Organizational secretary -  Event coordination - Communication - Press office - Corporate identity - Sponsor relations - Video, backstage and photo documentation - Info-line - Customer and booking services - Last minute bookings