21 street artists, 19 Italian cities,  a special paint that reduces air pollution.

IKEA LOVES EARTH is the first street art performance that helps the planet through permanent urban art. The project involves internationally renown street artists such as Tellas, PAO, ZED1, Neve, Seacreative, Orticanoodles, reFRESHink, Santy, GGT, Nabla&Zibe, UNO, Geometric Bang, Giulio Vesprini, Poki&ANC and captivates the viewers with graffiti inspired by nature and earth.

Eleven artists painted eleven walls in as many Italian cities with Airlite, a special paint that reduces the level of nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere, thus reducing air pollution and therefore actualizing IKEA sustainability message. The art performance continued in all Italian IKEA Stores as twenty-one artists decorated a selection of IKEA’s furnishings. Once completed, the pieces were donated to local associations involved in social projects.

IKEA LOVES EARTH is an ambitious project in which the medium becomes the very message and the artistic gesture becomes functional to the cause of sustainability.

IKEA LOVES EARTH is a project by IKEA Italia Retail. Conception and Art Direction by AUGE HEADQUARTER

h+ was responsible for:
Executive production - Institutional and territorial relations - Artists coordination - Artistic and organizational secretary - Organizational coordination - Relations between the curatorial agency and the artists - Production in the 21 cities - Backstage e video case history production (hfilms)