«WOMEN: New Portraits»

«WOMEN: New Portraits» exhibition explores the new photographies commissioned by UBS Bank to the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. The show took place in the new spaces of the Fabbrica Orobia 15 in Milan as a stop of the global tour in 10 cities all over the world.

The new photographer’s work carries on a project started over fifteen years ago with «Women», a selection of portraits published in 1999 and still very popular today. Susan Sontag, who collaborated in the development of the first project, defined it as “work in progress”.
«WOMEN: New Portraits» reflects the changes of the women’s role in contemporary society and, during the course of next year, will be gradually building a unique work made up of numerous shots.

These new photographies portrait women that achieved exceptional results: artists, musicians, CEO, writers and philanthropies. In addition to the new portraits, the exhibition showcases works from the first edition among other pictures still unpublished.

h+ has organized and curated the 3 day opening events of the Italian stop of the exhibition tour.

ph credit Gianni Cipriano