Over 480 concerts for a weekend of music from the center of the city to the suburbs. 

Seven years of Piano City Milano, 480 concerts in over 150 locations, with over 500 pianists, gave life to a weekend of music with over 100.000 people.

In these seven years of Piano City Milano was told the story of the great community of Milano: a city that's continuously transforming and redefines itself with new neighborhoods like Nolo, Ventura, Ripamonti, CityLife, Porta Nuova.

In this edition of Piano City Milano was shown a city to goes across far and wide with its numerous suburbs and centers: a long trip of two days and two nights with the notes of the piano's in the spaces that better represent the city, from the center of the city to the suburbs and beyond.

From concerts in the piazze's, in museums and on trains, to piano lessons, from concerts that welcomed thousands of people to the most intimate atmospheres of the House Concerts. Hundreds of appointments with different pianists and different genres playing even out of town, in the provinces of Milano, Como, Monza and Brianza, Bergamo.

Piano City Milano is a project with Association of Piano City Milano with the Municipality of Milano, with Accapiù and Ponderosa Music&Art.

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Concept development - Relations with the institutions - General coordination - Artistic secretariat - Organizational secretariat - Production - Communications - Press office - Corporate identity - Relationships with sponsors - Video and Backstage (hfilms) - Photographic Documentation - Infoline - Ticket sales and last minute reservations

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