Milano Design Week 2012, Odd Couples

Massproductions & Leftover Design were invited to present their projects during the 2012 Milan Design week. Collaborating with the designers, h+ proposed an exhibition, Odd Couples, in which the visitors found themselves immerged into a place where the work presented could relate with the everyday workplace environment.

A unique atmosphere where art, film, design, communication and food were mixed together to create a new and original experience.

In the garden of h+, the Leftover staircase was constructed, as if it were a climbing plant made of recycled wood.The result was an installation composed of 40 tables, stools and coffeetables used to access the terrace, which was transformed into a temporary showroom/woodworking shop called studio427 by Alfred von Escher. The structure resulted in a light and airy marine plywood, inspired by the bamboo towers woven together by Mike and Doug Stern, as well as the scaffolding construction of Sicily.

The exhibition Odd Couples displayed single pieces of furniture juxtaposed with objects telling the story behind the ‘Massproductions’ design. Each association was chosen for aesthetic and sculptural motives, with the tendency to create a relation between two parts. Chris Martin had worked in close contact with the set designer and sculptor Sahara Kleerup in order to create the exposition. In tandem with the exhibition was a display of the new collection of couches designed by Chris Martin.

h+ was responsible for

Production of Inaugural Event – Brunch organization - Catering - Public Relations