Fastweb-Moscova to Shibuya

On a cold and misty Milanese morning in January 2013, commuters on the local metro had a chance to experience what it feels like to travel from Milan to Tokyo in 45 seconds. (h)films & h+ produced, for M&C Saatchi and Fastweb, an event and film to communicate the speed of Fastweb’s internet line. For the whole day, the platform at Moscova metro station in the centre of Milan was transformed into the Shibuya station in Tokyo. Thanks to set dressing that included Japanese billboards, newspaper stands, and covering the walls of the entire platform. 

We filled the station with Japanese actors, with special attention given to our very own Italian Japanese group of Harujuku girls, brightening up an every day commute with their individuality and eccentric style. During the day, over 17,000 people passed through the Moscova station, living the experience of being carried into another world.

The combined efforts of hfilms, h+ and M&C Saatchi resulted in a Bronze World Medal at the New York Festivals - Outdoor - Best Use of Medium and a Gold at the Art Directors’ Club Italy for art direction.

h+ was responsilble for

Production – Art direction