To promote the new Enel advantage card Enelmia, h+ organized a touring show, which over the span of ten days, visited four different Italian cities: Palermo, Rome, Venice and Milan. The EnelMia card provides users with discounts in different stores, chain-stores and shops. The idea was to create the formation of a crowd of ‘unusual demonstrators’, ready to reclaim their rights of “reasonable shopping” in a playful way that was also extraordinary.

Random passersby throughout these city piazzas were accompanied by a playful parade, picturesque and spectacular that guided them towards an EnelMia stand, where they had the chance to experiment with augmented reality “photofreeze”. “Photofreeze” allows, in few seconds, the creation of a video in which the protagonist remains suspended in mid air while the rest of the world around them still turns, just as we’re used to seeing in many Hollywood Matrix-like action films. The passerbys involved with the show had the chance to be a protagonist in these films created with avant-garde technology free of any cost. Everyone received a USB key, which contained the video to share with friends and family. The days of the tour were carried out with the same timing in every location, principally subdivided in two phases: the parade and photofreeze.

h+ was responsible for:
Concept development - Production - Video Shooting - Planning, organization and management of the event