Enel Contemporanea 2009

The 2009 edition of Enel Contemporanea, while maintaining the spirit and the elements that have always characterized the project, is back with a new format: one artist, an installation will be permanently donated to the city of Rome and the partnership with the MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome. These different elements complement each other and confirms Enel's commitment to support the art world.

The artist chosen by curator Francesco Bonami for this third edition is Doug Aitken, who made a great artwork on the Tiber Island, a charming area in the city of Rome. At the same time the MACRO hosted a retrospective of the previous editions of the Enel Contemporanea project.

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h+ was responsible for:
Concept Development - Relations with territorial organizations and institutions - Planning, logistical organization and management of annual project - Art installation production - Press office - Management of relationship with curator and artists – Departments coordination - Organizational secretary - Inaugural events concept - Production - Corporate Image - Backstage.

The Artist:
Doug Aitken
Isola Tiberina, Rome, 23rd October – 23rd November 2009

The installation starts from an unusual roofless room, realized by Doug Aitken on the edge of Isola Tiberina. A film is projected on all the interior walls, narrating a metropolitan story which absorbs the audience in a new world created by the images and takes the spectator into the imaginary narrated by the artist. The protagonist of the film is the popular American artist Ed Ruscha, who leads us through a mysterious urban walkabout, where his surrounding landscape is alive. The people he meets and the events generated by his walk through the city create an intensifying visual and musical composition. As the work progresses, the imagery and sounds become increasingly surreal, the emotion grows and the energy increases, surrounding the audience. In a brand new way, the artist uses sounds to orchestrate a musical composition and a choreography linked to the moving images, creating a new sounding imaginary which embraces the audience.