Enel Contemporanea 2008

The second edition of Enel Contemporanea, realized in 2008 and again curated by Francesco Bonami, focused on locations that symbolize social and urban renewal.  Three locations were selected with powerful symbolic impact, that feed the need of residents to feel that they are an important part of the social fabric of the city. The three artists, Assume vivid astro focus (avaf), A12 and Jeffrey Inaba, each used different forms of invisible energy in different ways, penetrating the urban fabric of two Italian cities, Venice and Rome, and focusing on the unexplored energy of time in its various forms: play, imagination and expectation.

The artists filled three locations in need of new energy with imagination and creativity, three places considered static and undervalued: the archeological site of Largo Argentina, the Venice lagoon and the Umberto I Polyclinic, in Rome.

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h+ was responsible for:
Concept Development - Relations with territorial organizations and institutions - Planning, logistical organization and management of annual project - Art installation production - Press office - Management of relationship with curator and artists – Departments coordination - Organizational secretary - Inaugural events concept - Production - Corporate Image - Backstage.

The artists:
Assume vivid astro focus
Area Sacra di Largo Argentina, Rome, 4th July - 21st July 2008

The ruins of Largo Argentina is an open-air archeological site located in the heart of Rome. In this special artistic environment, the installation by avaf gave the public a chance to interact with the ruins, letting them re-live a moment of history through contemporary visions.
From the supporting structures and decorative material to the projections and lighting effects, everything in avaf’s work brings to mind real illusions, surreal dreams and abstract, sometimes provocative, landscapes.

Deep Garden
Viale dei giardini pubblici, Venice, 13th September- 23rd November 2008

Venice has built its identity around an abstract idea of time but it has also shown great interest in contemporary arts. It plays host to the installation Deep Garden by the group A12. The installation offers an isolated place in which to enjoy the silence and submerge oneself in a surreal space. In this city where the unique feature of the town is its immersion in the lagoon, A12’s creation becomes a symbol of the flow of energy through which man constructs new experiences in seemingly inconceivable places.

Jeffrey Inaba
Waiting Room
Policlinico Umberto I, Rome, 13th November 2008 - 13th February 2009

The artist Jeffrey Inaba created an installation at Rome’s Policlinico Umberto I, the most important hospital of Rome and one of the largest in Europe. The artistic project is focused on the waiting and transit areas. Colours, lights, geometric shapes and environmentally friendly elements give the hospital a new, dynamic energy. Through art, waiting becomes energy, transmitting positivity and bringing comfort to an architectural space which is temporary and highly emotional. Enel donated the artwork to Rome’s Policlinico where it located permanently.