CREATIVE COUPLES, when design is made with four hands

The MACRO area is a space in the MACRO museum dedicated to relaxation, reading and to the exchange of ideas and socialising. The project CREATIVE COUPLES, aimed to make this area of the museum active, alive and functional.

The idea of the project was to combine the necessity of the museum to furnish the rooftop of the auditorium, offering a peaceful place for the public to rest, with the requirements to adapt the space for the activities of the museum in a flexible way. The museum needed a display area for important contemporary design, providing visibility for designers, young and established, thus opening the museum to the design field.

With CREATIVE COUPLES/when design is made with four hands started a program that, with h+ curatorship, invited some creative couples, active in the design scene, to set up the MACRO Area.

Each installation was designed to be easily relocated and adaptable to different specifically chosen locations of the space, permitting the museum to be able to manage it with flexibility also anticipating the use of the MACRO Area for presentations, workshops and receptions.

Following the “couple” designed by Lorenz Kaz, the GiopatoCoombs were invited to infuse the space with their couple.

h+ was responsible for

Concept development – Curatorship – Project planning and production – Relationship with designers – Location outfitting