Marcello Maloberti

On occasion of the personal exhibition of Marcello Maloberti’s Blitz, curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi and Stefano Chiodi and exhibited at the MACRO Musuem in Rome from March 16th to June 3rd 2012, the museum commissioned h+ for the creation of the namesake artistic video Blitz.

The video testifies two suggestive performances, designed by Marcello Maloberti for his solo show, which were presented during the evening of the opening, in the vast spaces of the Enel Room in the museum, astonishing the public.

The video, titled Blitz, documents the outcome of two performances, Blitz and Katerpillar, in which physical energy and imagination, resistance and speed, as well as order and disorder are dramatically entwined.

In Blitz, each of the 27 performers raised a black ceramic panther in the air – a typical object subjected to industrial mass production – to then, after one minute of being held in the air, let it break on the ground. An interval of time, brief but intense, during which the public witnessed the growth of a tension, both physical and emotional, which resolved in the sudden crash of the panthers.

In Katerpillar a team of construction workers, in a short amount of time, installed 100 metres of guardrail within the exhibition space, forming the figure of a lightening strike (blitz in German).
Concentrating the attention on the performative aspects of manual labour, Maloberti has created an installation of enormous size, transforming the Enel room into a large “contemporary construction site”.

h+ was responsible for

Production – Video shooting and editing