ADDIO ANNI ‘70/GOODBYE 70’s, ART IN MILAN, 1969 – 1980

The exhibition Addio Anni ‘70/Goodbye 70’s, Art in Milano 1969-1980’ is a project curated by Francesco Bonami and Paola Nicolin and produced by the Municipality of Milan (Comune di Milano). With the support of UBS, the exhibition focussed on the art system in Milan in the 70’s, as well as the culture that characterized the entire city in that politically stormy decade.

The exhibition explained an extremely complex and controversial historical period, characterized by a great cultural and intellectual vivacity and social restlessness - from the political fighting and violence that gave the 70’s the name the ‘years of lead’.

At the end of contextualizing the various artistic experiences told during the exhibition, h+ recorded thirteen important interviews with prominent personalities of the artistic and cultural environment of the 70’s. The interviews, placed at the entrance of the exhibition, introduced the spectator to the cultural atmosphere from the era, resonating in the words of the protagonists themselves, the cultural movement that characterized the 1970’s.

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h+ was responsible for:

Production – Video shooting and editing