Since 2011 h+ has collaborated with FBR to create [a casa] private lunches, organized during the Milan Design Week. During this crowded week people have the opportunity to find a relaxed atmosphere thanks to [a casa] where they can meet and converse in a friendly environment that feels like one is at home.

For the third [a casa] edition the project has evolved, becoming a real format that is exportable and can be applied to different situations.

The [a casa] lunches are an innovative method to promote new products and represent an alternative to the traditional presentations that are usually organized for product launches.
The [a casa] format is suitable for every kind of product. The product itself becomes the real protagonist of the conversations during the lunch time among an audience that is selected with care, adding to the uniquely particular and stimulating environment.

The prominence that is given to objects during the meal makes them the real heroes of the event. However the physical presence of the product is not absolutely essential for the success of the lunches. Every kind of product can easily be in the spotlight even if not there, making the format perfectly appropriate for every type of product, from a small table and kitchens objects to bigger items such as a car...

h+ was responsible:

Concept development – Interviews – Shooting and video editing