CLIENT: Philip Morris Italia

OBJECTIVE: Address the environmental damage caused by the dispersion of cigarette butts in the environment, encouraging change, instead of blaming the wrong attitude.
Strategy : A digital awareness campaign throughout all of Italy, based on the concept of behavioural change, to convince people not to throw cigarette butts on the ground, however most importantly, without stigmatising the act of smoking but equipping the individual with the right tools (15,000 paper cigarette butt holders, 5,000 reusable cigarette butt holders, 15 portable ashtrays) and the right information (7,500 postcards, 40 posters, 20 totems, 19 stencil shadows, 5 special installations).

9.8 million people reached with the campaign
2 million cigarette butts saved from the environment
Over 200 press releases online and offline
Over 70 TV and radio outputs reached