Europe City Milano

The first diffused event about Europe
From May 9th to May 13th 2019 Milan hosted the first diffused festival about Europe. For 4 days, in different symbolic location of the city, we talked about Europe through multidisciplinary languages: music, cinema, theatre, meetings and artistic performances. The aim of the festival is to remove Europe from the imagery of a grey, distant and excessively bureaucratic place to build a new narrative, involving the city.
Europe City Milan is organized by Associazione Civetta in partnership with h+. 
h+ immediately believed in this project, as it supports the importance of involving the territory and the city, in building new narratives on crucial issues, and using different and unconventional languages.

instagram: europecitymilano
facebook: Europecitymilano
h+ was responsible for: 
production and event coordination - press office