The Heist, the preview of the third season.

h+ collaborated towards the launch of the third season of the highly acclaimed Netflix TV series The Heist together with Publicis.
For this particular occasion, an installation was created in Milan's Piazza Affari with a giant Salvador Dali mask along with the emblematic red suit, the uniform worn by the characters in the series. The huge installation was incorporated into the L.O.V.E. sculpture by the highly respected artist Maurizio Cattelan which became an integral part of the overall piece. 

Framing the sculpture (which was installed for a week) the presentation of the new season was organised together with some well-known actors of the series, followed by the screening of the first episode of the third season which gathered more than 5,000 people of all ages. The staff, dressed in red overalls and masks, distributed branded pillows and popcorn to the spectators to enjoy the viewing on the mega-screen.

h+ worked on the:
Sculpture production (feasibility, management of permits, relations with artists and craftsmen, executive production) - Preview projection organisation (permits, security, assistance staff, gadget creation, Audio video, photographic documentation, drone shooting, food & beverage)