Enel Pavilion
EXPO Milano 2015

The smart grid is a new concept for the creation and distribution of sustainable energy, and its at the core of the multimedia and architectural project of the Enel Pavillion.


The flooring of the Pavilion itself is made up of geometrical panels and it represents and evokes the smart grid. This grid is intercepted by transparent polycarbonate tubes that reflect lights and change colors generating a virtual forrest that coexist with islands of genuine green plants.

An elevated boardwalk serves as the connecting element throughout the Pavilion which allows the guests to explore it. This boardwalk evokes in a graphic representation the revolution that Enel is creating in the energy field. A revolution based on the sharing of energy and that underlines the importance the smart grid has as a system of energy production.

The journey along the boardwalk engages the spectator with a space made of images and sounds in continuous evolution. It culminates in the Control Room, where a touching film is shown, portraying how energy changes our lives. Furthermore, in the Control Room, infographics and interactive displays, synthesize the energy supply system, that Enel made available for the Expo Pavilions, and which manages the various Pavilions’ own energy supply in a sustainable manner.


h+ along with Enel curated the the research of the partners involved in the architecture and interactive design of the Pavilion. In addition, h+ worked along with interaction, light and sound designers to develop the concept, perform the installation and create the contents exhibited in the Pavilion.


(h)films and h+ ideated and filmed all of the videos, projected along the interactive pathway of the Pavilion, and the feature film shown in the Control Room.


© ph Marco Menghi (photogallery accapiu.com)