Save the Children Pavilion
EXPO Milano 2015 

h+ ideated and created the Save the Children Pavillion at the Expo2015. The pavilion is an 800 squared meter exhibition space, located along the Decumano, the principal corridor of Expo.
The pavilion can be best described as a “village.” This is due to the irregular modular spaces in which its exhibition spaces were created. The spaces project a sense of the imaginary, and a homely and welcoming feeling that evokes the places in which Save the Children works. The architecture is permeable so that interior and exterior spaces can easily communicate. The pavilion was constructed with simple materials such as wood and sheet metal. The flooring was done in concrete and stabilized soil, allowing the visitor to to experiment a sense of the colors and the warmth of distant lands.

Adults and children can explore the “village” though digital and analog installations that are interactive, fun and didactic. The pathway of the installations take the visitors through an empathetic journey in which the viewer can identify with six different children which originate from six different countries where Save the Children works. This journey allows the pavilion’s guests to feel that which the children shown feel, and allows him to actively participate in bringing on change: BE THE CHANGE.

h+ curated and coordinated the construction and adornment, creation of all interactive contents found inside of the pavilion as well as its opening event.

(h)films and h+ filmed and produced all of the videos shown inside of the pavilion.

© ph Marco Menghi (photogallery