h+ is a strategic cultural marketing company providing concept development, cultural counsel, art direction, event production and audience development. We work with a host of clients from corporations, cultural foundations and institutions, local councils to media organizations, advertising agencies and publishing houses. We are a fully integrated production and consultancy company and, with our sister firm (hfilms), we are capable of producing films, branded content, digital experiences and activation projects. Since 2007 h+ has created strategic relationships between different worlds and thanks to the skills acquired in the advertisement production field, the team at h+ have inherited the typical characteristics of this sector: efficiency, creativity and diversity.

High level teams are created for each project, selecting only the best professionals. We pride ourselves on our ability to work in different fields - creating unique experiences and integrating diverse worlds. Our goal is to bring a cultural value to the Italian system, through the collaboration with firms and institutions, both private and public. For this reason h+ takes care of themes connected to cultural tourism, continuously researching innovative solutions.

  • Concept development, planning and production of cultural projects, public art works and special corporate events.
  • Production of art works for public spaces, museums and urban architecture.
  • Technical and logistical planning.
  • Sponsorship development and management.
  • Cultural and corporate communications.
  • Cultural and marketing consulting for museums, galleries, councils and cultural institutions.
  • Press office, graphic design and supervision of media-related and general communication materials.
  • Audience study and development (through unique video surveys), including art world, media opinion leaders, museum trustee groups and the general public.

Daniela Cattaneo Diaz
Stella Orsini
Executive Producer
Manuela Rosignoli
Executive Producer
Anna Traverso
Junior Producer
Anne Sophie Vefling
Elisa Abba
Giovanni Fercioni
Sirio Rotatori
Junior Producer
Martina Albertini
Katia Funaro

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